About us and the future

Everything is awesome when you are part of a team

We're here for the long run

We strive to help people showcase how their products work, allowing for their users to play and learn how everything is mapped out directly through their browsers.

Using cutting-edge technologies like Docker, NodeJS, Ruby and GO we make possible the impossible: Embedding server containers in a web page, without plugins.

We are what we do

And we love what we do, we love to learn, we love to play.

Because we know technology can change this world for the better and may discover new ones.

We believe

Code wants to be run.

Since the beginning, we've tied our code to platforms, because every app needs a stack to run and be tested.

From memory and disk requirements to compilers or interpreters, even the simplest script need another program to run it.

A program you have to install, configure and setup. We believe this is outdated.

Code, at its mere essence, is text. Not just plain text but a living one.

One that needs to run, to be shared and embedded without boundaries.

This is why we built Codepicnic for: to turn plain text in living, running code without a haze

We know this is for the future, for developers, for companies, for education, for all of us.

We want to empower you, to try, learn and adapt your skills by playing around without have to spent your energy in build a playground everytime.

Contextual, executable instances that live in the cloud, available for you anytime, anywhere.

Leave behind that time you waste installing dependencies or waiting till you are on your computer to just then meddle, tinker and maybe built the next rover in Mars

Welcome to the future of code, we are sure you're going to love it.

You need help with anything?

Dont hesitate in contact us!