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Pricing & Billing FAQ

How am I billed?

According to your subcribed plan, every month you'll be billed by the plan price. If you're on our flexible plan, you'll be billed instead using the hours of active use in consoles you control with a rate of 0.5USD per hour.

Do I need to pay for the consoles I didn't created but I use?

No — we only charge the usage of consoles you control, which includes the time you work on your own consoles as well as others work on them.

Will I be charged if I exceed my plan's limit?

No — we have flexible limits to help you resist a traffic bump (you appeared on Reddit? Great!). After this, we will stop your consoles and prevent the generation of new copies for your visitors, to prevent extra charges to your account.

Am I charged when I enter a credit card?

No — when you enter a card, we only verify the card. Your card is charged at the end of the billing cycle.

Am I charged while my consoles are in a powered-off state?

No. We only charge you for usage, according your subscribed plan.

Are those plans monthly renewed?

They are. Every month you'll be charged the monthly price and your hours pool will be replenished.

Is the amount of consoles limited to my usage?

Not at all! You can create as much containers as you like! We consider "usage" as the active use of a console, either by you or your users.

That means I will only be charged for real use?

That's right! Play around, create and imagine. We will only charge for the time you or your users are actually using and won't punish creativity and playing around.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! We'll be really, really sad you'll go, but we'll have a talk, a mourning period and understand. We've built our prices to be easy to enlist and easy to leave. But if there's anything we can do to make you happy, let us know.

I need more resources. Do you have custom plans?

Yes, we have! Write us and we will put in contact with you to show our on-demand pricing table.

Need to support anything else in particular?

Don't hesitate and let us know what you need