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Gustavo Leon - CTO

CodePicnic is an online platform to create full stack code containers, where you can run code through your browser, being able to share and embed them in your blog or website. We support Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Python and C#. And now you can use Dancer to create amazing web apps with all the power of Perl.

Dancer is a simple but powerful framework for Perl, created for building web applications in a minimalist and expressive way, and Ynon Perek (@ynonp) is one of our most enthusiast users, who wanted to use this framework in his CodePicnic consoles. So he built a console for that.

We've created CodePicnic because we think there would be a better way to show how real code works. Any code, in any language. And we want to support every possible language for you.

When Ynon told us he wanted to promote his console to our Container Type list, we didn't think twice. Now you can find Dancer in the Frameworks section when you create a new console:

If you are a Perl developer you can't miss the opportunity to try Dancer in only two clicks.

You can find more info about Dancer in the documentation page and use our great CodePicnic consoles to keep playing with it as much as you like. Sign up and start with free 50 sessions to build your own code playgrounds.

Happy coding!
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