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Raymi Saldomando - Full-Stack Developer

For those of you that haven't heard of it yet, let’s introduce you Rust!

Rust is a programming language that has 3 goals in mind: speed, safety, and concurrency. This means that unlike other languages, Rust has been designed to be useful in different use cases such as fast performance components or writing low-level code for building operating systems, etc.

This language versatility is taken advantage of by important companies like Mozilla, Coursera, and Dropbox.

And from the results that I've gotten, it is definitely a language worth trying.

Which is why we wanted to make Rust a part of our family. Now you get to play with the language from your browser in seconds!

Demo Time

First, I wanted to show you a simple Hello World made with Cargo, Rust's build system and package manager. To see the demo in action just run the cargo run command in the Terminal tab.

If you want to go further than saluting the universe, here's the Rust's documentation and a tutorial on building a guessing game. Maybe you want to do it with our consoles. I dare you!

Just like Rust, we support all kinds of new languages, frameworks, databases and more! Sign_up and start your own code adventure.

Happy Coding!

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