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Effortless, multi-flavored, development enviroments

Working with multiple languages, frameworks and versions was hard. We made it easy

Setup new consoles in seconds

Spend less time configuring your development enviroments. Create and start functional software environments in less than a minute.

We support over 40 environments of languages, frameworks and enviroments ready for you to use and we're adding more every week.

Need more resources? We got you! You can upgrade to get extra memory options for more complex scenarios.

Work from your Desktop

Create, connect and mount your consoles directly from our CLI tool. Access new technology right from your desktop without installing it first.

Work with your favorite editor, using your own personal settings and style.

Multiple projects at once? No problemo! Each enviroment is just a different mounted folder in your computer, with near-instant access to your files.

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Share and Embed

Embed full stack consoles as live examples of your work anywhere you can think of.

Share your public consoles with others and each will get their own copy automatically.

Why use videos when you can have actual, running code you can let others experience?

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Make it yours through our API

Automate and manage your environments throught code. Execute commands in tons of consoles at once, review what your users are typing or check their results.

Integrate your product and make it instantly available for your users anywhere.

Customize it to fit your technical, visual and commercial needs.

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CodePicnic is the automation platform for ready-to-use development setups

  • Deploy
    Ready-to-use full stacks
  • Desktop
    Command Line Interface
  • Browser
    Multi Device Browser Interface
  • Api
    Integration API

Web-based full-stack consoles

  • Full-stack terminals
  • Fully-featured multi-file code editor
  • Live browser preview
  • Drag-and-drop support for your files
  • Public or private shareable projects

One click ready to use dev enviroments

  • Wordpress, Drupal and more
  • Angular, Cake PHP or React
  • PHP/MySQL, Ruby & Rails…
  • 40+ more and growing

Work from your desktop

  • Comand Line Interface
  • Create environments, Connect to them and mount them locally
  • Use your own tools and workflow
  • Transparent and seamless sync
  • Offline sync support

For Developers


Manage all your projects in one place

Forget about fighting against multiple configurations and installations to try new technology.

Keep your own workflow

Code on the go or with your favorite tools.

Work without worries

Forget about syncing your projects through servers and computers. We'll keep your back.

For Web Designers


One-click installations

Spend your time actually working instead of installing and setting up new projects.

Instant online preview

Drag-and-drop your project, share it and test with others without needing to setup servers.

From your computer to the cloud

Code even with Dreamweaver™ if you like (we won't tell). Your machine, your tools.

For Education


Forget about localhost

Your students deserve better: live, collaborative enviroments with non-destructive versioning!

No root access? Can't install new software? No problem!

Students can have their own consoles with all the permissions required to use, install, destroy (wisely) and keep studying at class and from home.

One console to teach them all

Teachers can use live consoles to show their students how to get things done.

You need help with anything?

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