away from home

Feel at home or build a hotel, is up to you

Full back-end consoles

From a Linux shell to a Express.js app. If it runs on GNU/Linux, we can handle.

We currently support: Bash, js, Mono, Elixir, Go, Nodejs, Php, Python, Ruby, Dancer, Laravel, Phoenix, Rails, Mongodb, Redis, and basically anything you can install on them.

With the ease of a click

Create the console with the flavor of your choice in seconds!

"Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, pizza is knowledge!"


Work with other developers, pair program or run over the internet teaching sessions.


Share your consoles with an URL and let your users get their own copies.


Import and export your Github public repositories with just two clicks.

Anywhere, Everywhere

We believe that code, at its mere essence, is text. Not just plain but living one.

One that can and must be run, shared and embedded without boundaries.


Open files by default, hide buttons or change the hostname in your console.


Embed your consoles anywhere you want.
Let those text-only tutorials in the past


Send commands through a terminal and get result in real time. No emulators

What you see is what you want

Choose your flavour, choose your size, share with the world or just your team
Edit directly from the browser or manage everything from our API.

Espresso or a huge frappe? You can choose to create consoles from 256MB up to 3GB

Edit your files directly from our app or drag them from your desktop. Or download everything and start all over again

Create and manage your consoles from your own site with our API, check your stats and follow up your team

And as you, we like stuff that just work

Like letting know everyone how can you configure your server routes in NodeJS with a live example.

If you like what you saw check our documentation and FAQ

Need to support anything else in particular?

Don't hesitate and let us know what you need