Frequently Asked Questions

Because nobody has time for lawyer's jargon

What exactly are consoles?

Glad you asked!. Simply put, a console is a server that you have access to through your browser. Using Docker, whenever anyone loads an embedded console, we spin up a new instance and let you run and play with it.

How much resources do we get?

It'll depend on the plan you are subscribed to. Our plans start from 256MB (more than enough for scripts and simple apps) to 3GB (for bigger, more resource intensive apps) of RAM. Each container has an alloted space of 10GB and from 1 to 2 processor cores.

How much time does it takes for a container to start?

You can go from 0 to a running app in a matter of seconds. Usually less. But if you're having some issues, let us know and we'll get our best eyes on it.

Are these plans monthly renewed?

Yep. Every month you'll be charged the plan price and your hour pool will be replenished, ready to be use once again.

Is the amount of consoles limited to my usage?

Not at all! You can create as much containers as you like! We consider "usage" as the active use of a console, either by you or your users.

That means I will only be charged for real use?

That's right! Play around, create and imagine. We will only charge for the time you or your users are actually using and won't punish creativity and playing around.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! We'll be really, really sad you'll go, but we'll have a talk, a mourning period and finally, we'll understand. We've built our prices to be easy to enlist and easy to leave. But if there's anything we can do to make you happy, let us know.

Is this secure?

Thanks to Docker, each console exists in an isolated environment, where every change lives without affecting others. Though there are always risks involved, the Docker team works hard and have security first at hand and so do we.

Can others see my changes?

By default, they won't. Free accounts allow for you to set two kinds of modes, Draft and Public. Draft will make the console visible only to you, while Public will give each viewer their own copy. If you make a change after they visited it, they won't see it, so be sure to only publish it when you're ready.

Paid accounts also bring multiplayer modes: Streaming and Collaborative. The first one will make you share your content, keystrokes and changes with others in real-time, giveng them a read-only experience (useful for teaching and training people). Switch gears to the Collaborative mode and it's everyone for their own, letting people work together and pair program on each file.

Where are the files hosted?

Right at the server we just built for you! Everything you do in CodePicnic is saved directly to your container, in real time.

Will updating or erasing some files affect other users?

By default, it won't. Whenever you load the page, we automatically create a console (a whole instance!) for you. Like magic. The original copy is protected and you are free to experiment, create or run amok.

If you change to the collaboration modes, users will see those updates and erased files in real time

Can I share my work with others?

You can! You can fork the console you are working and your changes will be saved into another URL, ready to be shared with the world.

How much resources do we get?

It'll depend on the plan you are subscribed to. Our plans go from 256MB of RAM (more than enough for scripting examples) to 3GB (for bigger, more resource intensive apps). Each container has an alloted space of 10GB and from 1 to 2 processor cores.

You need help with anything?

Dont hesitate in contact us!