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"Talk is cheap. Show me the code" — Linus Torvalds


CodePicnic's consoles, running on Ubuntu 14.04, are a great tool for sharing, running and embedding code and complete applications in any HTML-supported environment.

To accomplish that, we're proud to present four different products that will allow you to interact with our platform, from the quick-and-easy embedding parameters, to the more powerful API integration.

Explore the more profound topics by following our menu topics.

Embed Parameters

The easiest way to integrate CodePicnic into your projects. Use our prepared iframe tag and use URL parameters to customize how you show it. Wanna hide some sections? Open a file at the start? We got you covered in a matter of seconds.

JavaScript Embed API

CodePicnic consoles do a great job by bringing a whole new level of interactivity to the web. Keep moving forward by integrating your content with them. A couple of lines using our powerful JS client API will allow for you to embed a console, and start sending and receiving content into it. Run custom instructions with a click anywhere in your content.


Bigger interactions require bigger projects. CodeBaskets provide a complete JavaScript interface to build your own consoles. Extend our consoles by adding your own buttons with actions, run custom commands integrated with our server-side code or even adapt how much (and where) each console will show up. The sky is the limit.


Go for the stars! By using our server-side API you're able to manage consoles directly through your code. Create them, stop a couple and run your own commands in a group of them. Build complete, custom interactive experiences powered by CodePicnic.

Ruby Library

Interact with our REST API in an easier way using our Ruby library to create and manage your own consoles.

JavaScript Library

We also provide a JavaScript library to manage our REST API from Node and browser environments.

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