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Why use CodePicnic?

Enable access to complete webapps, libraries, databases or frameworks in your browser without installing anything.

Setup a Linux server in seconds

Spend less time configuring Linux machines. Create and start a functional console in less than a minute.

Embed full-stack consoles

Distribute your consoles in your blog, site or wherever HTML is supported. Embed whole apps like if they're YouTube videos.

Share code online

Show running demos of your code and increase user adoption. Share your consoles links and let your users get their own copies.

Collaborative editing

Work with other developers, pair program or run over the internet teaching sessions.

File Editor

Update the app contents directly in the browser, in realtime.

Moving from / to GitHub

Import and export your GitHub public repositories with just two clicks.

Supporting all the big names

And tons of other technologies too

A plan for every need

No matter if you need to test yourself or stream your code to 300 people at the same time, we got you!


$ 9.99/month


  • Unlimited hours per month
  • Unlimited client side consoles

Per console:

  • 256MB Max memory
  • 1 core Processor

Email Support
(before 12 hours)


$ 49.99/month


  • 100 hours per month
  • 1500 client side consoles

Per console:

  • 512MB Max memory
  • 1 core Processor

Professional email and chat


$ 99.99/month


  • 200 hours per month
  • 3000 client side consoles

Per console:

  • 1GB Max memory
  • 2 cores Processor

Premium e-mail and chat


$ 199.99/month


  • 400 hours per month
  • 6000 client side consoles

Per console:

  • 3GB Max memory
  • 2 cores Processor

High priority e-mail and chat

Start Free with 20 monthly hours

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